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4 Benefits to Giving Out Promotional Banner Pens or Scroll Pens.

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Modern businesses face an increasingly competitive marketplace, and it's essential that business leaders use every item in their toolbox to help their brand stand out. While it's tempting to think that bigger is better when it comes to marketing, you can make a significant impact with things that are little. The pen is mightier than the sword, and possibly billboards as well. Here are four benefits to giving out promotional scroll and banner pens that you should consider.

Increase Brand Awareness

Promotional items, such as scroll and banner pens, are excellent tools for building brand awareness. Most people can't resist the urge to read the words on a pen they are using. So leaving having pens with your company's information and slogan printed on them can serve as business cards. Anything that puts your business name in front of potential customers will increase brand awareness. Scroll & banner pens can demand attention due to their unique design. People will instantly pull out the banner to see how it works, and that creates a perfect platform for marketing messages.

Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Promotional pens are also a cost-effective way to diversify your marketing. Scroll and banner promotional pens can add a unique and creative flair to advertising campaigns. Thanks to the ample space for design elements, scroll and banner pens can convey more than traditional promotional pens. As a marketing tool, promotional pens are small enough that they can build brand awareness without being a disruption to the consumer. Mailers, business cards, and brochures are useful marketing tools, but consumers don't hold onto them for very long. Otherwise, they would have a desk filled with marketing materials. However, promotional pens serve a function to the recipient besides advertising. Such promotional items, like pens, are kept for longer periods, and they remain a constant reminder of your company and the services you provide. Because they are less expensive to produce yet longer lasting, promotional pens are a cost-effective marketing method.

Improve Customer Loyalty and Retention

Businesses thrive or fail on their ability to develop customer loyalty and to retain their current customers. Promotional materials, such as scroll and banner pens, can be a useful tactic toward that end. People like getting free stuff, even if it's little things like free pens. In a competitive marketplace, these small touches may be just what is needed to put you ahead of a competitor. You can also use custom scroll and banner pens to include information that your target audience will find useful. This gives them a reason to keep the pen nearby and to use it frequently. No matter how you use the design, so long as your customers have your pens, your brand will remain in the forefront of their mind when it's time to order the products or services you provide.

Generate Leads Through Increased Brand Exposure

Even in a mostly digital age, people still use pens regularly. Promotional pens often drift from person to person, increasing brand exposure whenever they are used. If you have a pen drawer or jar near you, look to see how many promotional pens have found their way into your collection. Scroll and banner pens take this even further by including a double-sided design that’s integrated into the pen. It’s like having a promotional pen and a marketing flyer combined into one. You can have a scroll with information about the services you offer. You could also include a special offer for new customers that will encourage them to call. The number of ways this combination can be used to generate leads and increase sales is limited only by your imagination.

If you’re interested in getting a scroll or banner pen set for your organization, send us a message online to learn more. We are the original Scroll Pen maker, and we're still the best. Let us know when you're ready to take your marketing to new heights.

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